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Best Spots For Photo Shots: EPCOT

When you come back from your Orlando Vacation, the first thing everyone back home will ask you is, "Did you get pictures?"  You don't want to disappoint your friends and family!  We've provided this helpful guide to help you find the best spots to take memorable and iconic photographs to commemorate your time spent at the "Happiest Place on Earth!"

The Best Photo Spots Inside EPCOT

EPCOT: Spaceship Earth 

Spaceship Earth, the enormous geodesic dome whose iconic profile is the hallmark of the EPCOT theme park, makes the perfect centerpiece for any Disney World Vacation photo album.  Walking through EPCOT you'll see dozens of tourists snapping away, taking their visual souvenir of this landmark attraction. 

EPCOT: The Torii in Japan

Facing Spaceship Earth in the Japan Pavilion (World Showcase) provides an iconic view through this traditional Japanese architecture, across the lake, all the way to Spaceship Earth.  (a Torii is, traditionally, a gateway to a Shinto shrine)

EPCOT: Journey Into Imagination with Figment

Just before you enter Canada are the glass pyramids.  Although not as widely recognized as SpaceShip Earth, the unique design of these glass icons makes them an interesting photo subject!  Don't forget to take a trip inside for the family-friendly ride.

EPCOT: The Gardens in Canada

While the architecture and cultural exploration in the Canada Pavillion may not inspire awe, the gardens - with their exquisite landscaping and winding paths - are definitely worth a second look.  Take the time to stop and smell the flowes - and take a few photos of them, too.

EPCOT: Marrakesh Restaurant in Morocco

Striking the perfect balance between exotically-inspired architecture and landscaping, walking through Morocco in the World Showcase is always a pleasure.  The restaurant Marrakesh provides a picturesque example of Walt Disney World's interpretation of Moroccon design.

The least expensive and most important souvenir your family will bring home will be the photos you take home from your vacation.  Your family will continue to enjoy the unique Disney World Vacation experience for years when you make the most of the photo opportunities available in the Walt Disney World Theme Parks!