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Eco-Conscious Vacationing - Sea World Orlando

Sea World - The big question on many vacationers' minds when they plan a trip to Orlando is "Why go? I've spent $250 apiece on Disney tickets...."  But Sea World is a very different "fish" from Disney!

Sea World's online ticket prices start off VERY inexpensive - usually about $10-$15 LESS per day than Disney and Universal Studios.  Sea World has a completely different atmosphere from the other parks.  Part zoo, part theme park, part conservation center, Sea World offers a variety of experiences offered nowhere else in Central Florida.  This guide will help you navigate the myriad personalized experiences Sea World offers, so that you can buy your tickets and reserve your tours more easily.

Theme Park Rides

  • Kraken - The only floorless roller coaster in Florida, and the tallest as well at 120 feet!  Consistently ranks high in "Top 10" lists by roller coaster enthusiasts.
  • Atlantis - A "water-experience” roller coaster featuring tight, quick turns and a 60' drop.
  • Polar Expedition - Simulated helicopter ride through the arctic with mild thrills & simulated animal encounters.
  • Shamu Express - A whale-themed, family friendly roller coaster for all ages.
  • Sky Tower – Enjoy a leisurely trip 400' up to observe Sea World Orlando.  Great for a mid-day break from the bustle and lines when traveling with small children. 
  • Jazzy Jellies - A "Samba Tower" ride that spins and lifts its young riders into the air.
  • Swishy Fishies - A water-spout-themed tea cup ride for young children to enjoy.

Live Shows & Experiences

  • Clyde & Seamore - a variety of acts featuring Seamore Sea Lion and his human friends.
  • Fusion - Seasonal (summer & holidays) show featuring watersports, stunt-kite flying, music, dance, & bird performances!
  • Pets Ahoy! – A live show featuring over 100 performing rescued animals, from a clever rat to cats, dogs, & birds. Stick around after the show to meet the animal performers and their loving rescuers - their trainers.
  • Blue Horizons - think "Cirque Du Soleil" with Acrobats & Dolphins!
  • Oddysea - An indoor show featuring acrobats, whimsical costumes, & special effects, simulating an undersea adventure.
  • Mist-ify - Seasonal (summer & holidays) show featuring music, mist-screen animation, lights, fireworks, & more. Evenings only.
  • Oyster's Secret - Watch a pearl diver choose a pearl just for YOU!
  • Believe -  A brand-new Shamu performance by Shamu and his Sea World family (a new calf was born September of 2006)

Animal Attractions & Exhibits

  • Turtle Point - Observe rescued sea turtles in a scenic natural lagoon.
  • Clydesdale Hamlet - Horse-lovers can visit the famed Budweiser Clydesdales, & participate in petting times to get pictures taken
  • Wild Arctic - A 900,000 gallon, multi-level ecosystem featuring polar bears, walruses, beluga whales, & more
  • Stingray Lagoon -  Guests can observe, feed, and even touch rays!
  • Dolphin Cove -  Our favorite! Dolphins come right up to an observation wall where you can feed and even touch them.  An underwater observation area also allows guests to view these animals' grace beneath the suface.
  • Dolphin Nursery - Observe new baby dolphins and their mothers.  (Of course, there aren’t always babies to observe)
  • Shark Encounter -  A bit scary for tentative youngsters, but great for older kids!  The world's largest underwater acrylic observation 
    tunnel lets you get VERY close to sharks, eels, barracuda, & venomous fish!
  • Penguin Encounter -  Observe 4 species of penguin & 3 species of "flighted" Arctic bird in a snowy - VERY chilly - indoor habitat.
  • Pacific Point Preserve - Feed California Sea Lions & Harbor Seals in a simulated harbor environment.
  • Manatee Rescue- Observe rescued and rehabilitating manatees in a peaceful, underwater environment simulating a Florida spring.  

Ticketing Options And Add-Ons

Basic One Day Pass
The base ticket for Sea World gets you access to the park and rides for a full day.  Price includes access to the above rides, exhibits and experiences, but guests must pay extra for fish to feed the seals and dolphins (be sure to arrive early to get in line for fish).  You should try the earlier shows to get better seating.
Sharks Deep Dive ($150*)
While not for everyone, this 2 hour "Extreme Extra" is an opportunity for adventurous visitors to participate in something you usually only see on television - Shark Diving.  Don a wet suit and underwater breathing helmet (no scuba gear!), step into the observation cage, and travel very slowly two at a time through a reef filled with sharks, sawfish, and underwater schooling fish. Not for the faint of heart!

Dolphin Nursery Close-Up ($40*)
(For ages 10 and up, no pregnant mothers) Interact poolside with dolphin families - usually including calves and mothers - with Animal Care Specialists.  You'll get instruction on bottle-nose dolphins' personalities, habits, and environment from those who know them best!

Adventure Express Tour ($79-$89*)
This six-hour tour is the cream of the crop, and very enjoyable for animal lovers who hate lines.  Not only do you get front-of-the line access to rides like the Kraken and Atlantis, you get reserved seating at some shows and performances.  You get to venture behind-the-scenes at many exhibits, touch a penguin(!!), feed dolphins, sting-rays, and sea lions, and more!  Lunch is included.  A great experience, but not worth it if your family is on a budget.  You can get a similar value - feedings, lunch, and penguin ineraction, for about $60 per person a la carte - you just lose out on the "express" access to rides and shows and may not get to everything in one day.

* Prices set by Sea World and subject to change without notice. We review this guide periodically and will change pricing for extra events and tours as necessary. ****

Behind-The-Scenes Tours: A Sneak-Peak For Under $20 

Sea World is not just a zoo and theme park.  The dedicated trainers, veteranarians, marine biologists, and volunteers at Sea World rescue and rehabilitate large marine animals, reptiles, and birds that might otherwise suffer or die in the wild.  These mini-tours allow you to get close-up experience with your favorite Sea World animals.  A variety of specialized interactive tours that each last appro